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The marriage of Martu: composite text

1i3-na-abki i3-me-a kiri8-tab nu-me-/a\
2men kug i3-me-a aga kug nu-me-[a]
3cim kug i3-me-a jiceren kug nu-me-[a]
4mun kug i3-me-a /naja\ kug nu-/me\-[a]
5jic dug4-dug4-/ga\ [ne su-ub-ba] i3-me-a
6cag4-tum2-cag4-tum2-ma /tu\-[da] i3-me-a
7>ad@-da-ab-ba jiceren kug-ga-me-en bil3-ga /jic\mec-/me-en\
8ama-ad jiceren babbar-ra-me-en su ha-cu-ur2-ra-me-en
9ud-ba iri-iri-a kur nam-nun-na-kam
10i3-na-abki iri-iri-a kur nam-nun-na-kam
11ensi2 i3-na-abki-a tigi-cem5-kuca2-la2-a
12dam-a-ni /cag4-ge-gur7\ /mu\-ni he2-en-na-nam
13/dumu\-[ni] [...]-da-gur-ra-am3
14/AN\[...]-/na\-ka mu-ni he2-en-na-nam
15iri-da-/e-ne\ gu /na\-la2-e-ne
16i3-na-abki /iri-da-e\-ne /gu\-[na]-la2-e-ne
17gu na-la2-/e-ne mac\ mu-un-sar-sar-ne
18mac-e lu2-ulu3-gin7 [jic mu-un]-ra-ra-ne
19ud-ne ud-te-na /um\-[ma-te]-/a\-ra
20ki nij2-ba-ka um-/ma\-[te]-a-ra
21igi dEC2.LIL.DU nij2-ba /na-ni-ja2\-ja2
22nij2-ba lu2 dam tuku 2-am3 i3-ja2-ja2
23nij2-ba lu2 dumu tuku 3-am3 i3-ja2-ja2
24nij2->ba@ juruc saj-dili 1-am3 i3-ja2-ja2
25dmar-tu dili-ni 2-am3 i2-ja2-ja2
26dmar-tu ama ugu-ni-ir
27e2-a ba-an-ci-kur9 gu3 mu-na-de2-e
28iri-ja2 ku-li-ju10-ne-me-en dam ba-an-du12-du12-me-ec
29/du10-sa-ju10-ne-me-en\ dam ba-an-du12-du12-me-ec
30iri-ja2 ku-li-/ju10-ne-gin7\ dam nu-tuku-me-en
31dam nu-tuku-me-en dumu nu-tuku-me-en
32jic-cub us2-sa dirig ku-li-ja2-ce3
33mac du10-[sa] /bi2\-dab5 dirig du10-sa-ja2-ce3
34ud-ne ud-te-en-na um-ma-/te-a-ra\
35/ki nij\-ba-ka um-ma-/te\-[a-ra]
36[igi] [d]/EC2\.LIL.DU nij2-ba na-/ni\-[ja2-ja2]
37[nij2-ba] lu2 dam tuku 2-am3 i3-/ja2\-[ja2]
38[nij2]-/ba\ [lu2 dumu tuku 3-am3 i3-ja2-ja2]
39/nij2\->ba@ juruc saj-dili [1-am3 i3-ja2]-/ja2\
40/dmar\-tu dili-ni 2-[am3 i2-ja2]-/ja2\
41[dmar]-tu ama /ugu\-ni-ir
42/e2-a ba-an\-ci-kur9 gu3 mu-na-de2-e
43ama-ju10 dam du12-ba-ab nij2-ba-ju10 /ga-mu\-ra-de6
44dmar-tu ama-/ugu\-ni [mu]-na-ni-/ib\-[gi4-gi4]
45dsu-he-/nun\-[na-ju10] [na] /ga\-e-/ri\ na-/ri\-[ju10 he2-dab5]
46inim ga-[ra-ab-dug4 inim-ju10-ce3 jectug2-zu]
47igi il2-la-zu dam [du12-ba-ni-ib]
48cag4-ge gur7-zu dam [du12-ba-ni-ib]
49cu-tab ze2-ja2 gi4-in [...]
50iri-da-za e2-bi du3-du3-a /jic\[kiri6 ...]
51du10-sa-za pu2 ba-e-ni-/ba\-[al]
52dmar-tu lu2 /du10\-/sa\-[...]
53ud-ba iri-a iri-a ezen /gu3\ [bi2-ib-ra]
54i3-na-abki iri-a ezen /gu3\ [bi2-ib-ra]
55ja2-nam-ma ku-li ga-[re7-en-de3-en] ga-ba-e-re7-en-/de3\-[en]
56e2-kac i3-na-abki-a ga-/re7\-[en-de3-en] ga-ba-e-re7-en-de3-[en]
57dnu-muc-da-[X] ezem-ma mu-[...]
58dumu ki aj2-ja2-ni dad-[jar-ki-dug3] ezem-ma mu-/un\-[...]
59dam-a-ni dnam-ra-at munus /sag9\-[ga] ezem-ma mu-un-[...]
60iri-a cem5 zabar zi-ig-za-ag [... za]
61kuca2-la2 /7\-e ceg11 mu-da-an-[gi4]
62nita-[X]-ne en ib2-la2-[ne]
63e2-gecpu2-ce3 mu-na-da-an-kur9-kur9
64e2 i3-na-abki-a-ka hu-mu-na-/ab\-sa2-e
65i3-na-abki iri ezen jal2-la-ce3 u6-di-de3 ba-gub
66i3-na-abki iri ezen jal2-la-ce3 u6-di-de3 ba-gub
67e-ne-ra bar kug-ga i3-me-a-ke4-ec
68/ka2\ i3-na-abki-ka jecpu2 lirum-e
69[d]/mar\-tu kisal mah-a dug3 i-ni-in-/bad\
70[ur-saj] /kalag\-ga mu-na-ab-kin-kin-e
71[ur-saj] /kalag\-ga mu-na-ab-zi-zi-i
72[d]/mar\-tu kisal mah dug3 i-ni-bad
73[X] gul-gul-e ac-ta bi2-ra
74/kisal mah\ me3-e nij2-la2-e /bi2-in\-la2
75kisal i3-na-abki ad6 im-il2-[il2]-/e\
76d/nu\-[muc]-/da\ dmar-tu hul2-la-/e\
77kug /mu\-[un]-na-ba-e cu nu-um-ma-gid2-i-de3
78/za\ [mu-un]-/na\-ba-e cu nu-um-ma-gid2-i-de3
79[2-kam ur5]-/am3\ um-ak-e
80[3-kam ur5-am3] um-ak-e
81[kug-zu me-da-tum3] za-zu me-da-tum3
82[dmar-tu-me]-en dumu-zu ga-ba-/ab\-du12
83[... dumu-zu] /ga\-ba-/ab\-[du12]

7 lines missing

91[amar nij2-mi2-us2-sa2 dam mu-ni ...]
92[ab2-ga amar he2-em-mi-ib-gu7]
93[tur3-ba amar ab2-ba]-/bi\ [hu-mu-un-ci-nu2-e]
94[ab2-ga X]-/ba\-ka /he2\-[em-mi-tuc]
95[amar-ga] zi-da-bi he2-[em-mi-tuc]
96[ur5-re ur5-ur5]-re inim ha-ba-[ni-jar-re-en]
97[dad-jar-ki]-/dug3\ /KA\ dumu-ju10 /ga\-[mu-ra-ab-cum2]
98/sila4\ [nij2-mi2-us2-sa2] /dam\ [mu]-ni-[...]
99/u8\-[ga sila4 he2-em-mi-ib-gu7]
100/amac\ [sila4 u8-bi hu-mu-un-ci-nu2-e]
101u8 [... he2-em-mi-tuc]
102sila4-ga gub3-bu-bi he2-[em-mi-tuc]
103ur5-re ur5-ur5-re inim ha-ba-[ni-jar-re-en]
104dad-jar-ki-dug3 KA dumu-ju10 ga-[mu-ra-ab-cum2]
105/mac2 nij2\-mi2-us2-sa2 dam mu-ni-[...]
106/ud5-ga\ mac2 he2-/em\-mi-[ib-gu7]
107unu-ba mac2 ud5-/da-bi\ hu-mu-un-ci-nu2-e
108ud5-de3 /mac2\-[bi ...] he2-em-mi-tuc
109mac2-ga [...] he2-em-mi-tuc
110ur5-re ur5-[ur5-re inim ha-ba]-/ni\-jar-[re-en]
111[dad]-/jar\-ki-dug3 dumu-ju10 ga-mu-ra-[ab-cum2]
112[...] gal-gal-e ba-ni-/in\-[X]
113X [X] X-e-gin7 gu3 bi2-in-/ra\
114kar /i3-na\-abki-ka mu-ni-in-[X]
115ab-ba-ab-ba-ar i3-na-ab/ki\-[a]
116jicrab kug-sig17-ka mi2 im-ma-ni-in-[dug4]
117/um-ma\-um-ma-ar i3-na-abki[-a]
118[... tug2]bar-si kug-sig17-ga /mi2\ [im-ma-ni-in-dug4]
119[juruc munus] X i3-na-[abki]-/ke4\-ne
120[...] X X X [kug]-/sig17\-ka mi2 im-/ma-ni\-in-dug4
121[arad2-arad2] X i3-na-ab[ki]-/ke4-ne\
122[X X]-a mi2 im-ma-[ni-in]-/dug4\
123tug2[X]-gun3-a mi2 im-ma-[ni-in-dug4]
124geme2-/geme2\ i3-na-ab[ki-ke4-ne]
125dug-kin2 kug-babbar mi2 im-ma-ni-[in-dug4]
126ud ba-hi-a di nu-til-le-[dam]
127a2-ce cu-bi ha-lam ulutim2 /ugu\[ugu4-bi]
128an-zil-gu7 dnanna-[kam] ni2 nu-[tuku]
129cu dag-dag-ge-bi X [...]
130[nij2]-/gig\ e2 dijir-re-e-ne-[kam]
131[jalga]-/bi\ mu-un-lu3-lu3 cu [suh3-a dug4-ga]
132/lu2\ /kuc\lu-ub2 mu4-a [...]
133/za\-/lam\-jar til3 im im-cej3-[ja2 ...] sizkur [nu-mu-un-dug4-ga]
134hur-saj-ja2 tuc-e ki-[dijir-re-ne nu-zu-a]
135lu2 /uzu\-dirig kur-da mu-un-ba-al-la dug3 gam nu-zu-am3
136uzu nu-cej-ja2 al-gu7-e
137ud til3-la-na e2 nu-tuku-a
138ud ba-ug7-a-na ki nu-tum2-mu-dam
139ma-la-ju10 dmar-tu ta-am3 an-du12-du12-un
140ma-la-ga-ni dad-jar-ki-dug3 mu-na-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
141dmar-[tu] /ga\-ba-an-du12-du12
142i3-na-ab[ki] u2-lum a-lam-ma

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