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A praise poem of Iddin-Dagan (Iddin-Dagan B): translation

1-4Iddin-Dagan, in his majestic location An has decided a great fate for you, has made the just crown shine for you, has raised you to shepherdship over the Land, has placed the foreign lands at your feet.

5-13Enlil has looked at you truly, Iddin-Dagan, he has spoken truly to you. Enlil has commanded you to keep firm the cosmic bond in Sumer, to keep the people on the track, to let Sumer and Akkad relax under your broad protection, to let the people eat noble food and drink fresh water. Iddin-Dagan, you are the shepherd in his heart, the one whom Enlil has spoken to truly.

14-17Enki has brought to you, Iddin-Dagan, broad understanding, knowledge of everything, wise command, a life (?) that comes from the mouth of a lion. May all the foreign lands praise you.

18-23Son born to Dagan, elevated lord who increases the people, Iddin-Dagan, may you look approvingly on your city. Balm of the heart who neglects nothing, Enlil rejoices in you. When like Utu you bring forth a just light, people's eyes are indeed directed towards it. All the foreign lands stay calm under your broad protection.

24-34You have put the highways and roads in order, made the Land content, placed justice in every mouth, made propriety resplendent. You have marked the borders (?) and fixed the boundaries, made Sumer and Akkad raise their necks. Iddin-Dagan, you have restored the purification rituals of the deities which you have organised. What you order ....... Your word reaches holy heaven, your utterances cover the heavens.

35-42At Enlil's command, your gaze brings men life, your conversation brings men health. Enlil rejoices in your speech. Ninlil declares "so be it" to your desires. Shepherd Enlil is your support. Iddin-Dagan, who is built like you? People's eyes are directed towards you.

43-46You are indeed the man for the E-kur. May your offerings in the house of Enlil never cease. May the brickwork of the E-kur speak well of you to Enlil and Ninlil. At the favourable word of An and Enlil, Iddin-Dagan, may princely strength be yours.

47-52Your magnificent reputation exists throughout the Land -- your name dazzles to the horizon. Mighty man, standing in battle and conflict with heroism and strength, you come to batter rebellious lands. From the womb Dagan decreed that as your destiny. He has placed your praise in all mouths.

53-59Your kingship is good for the people. After your shepherdship had pleased the heart, the people became numerous under you, the people spread wide under you. All the foreign lands lie down in pastures thanks to you. The people spend their days in abundance thanks to you. The black-headed direct their gaze on you, Iddin-Dagan, as on your father.

60-63Iddin-Dagan, may Enlil, the lord who determines fate, make your days long. May he who knows everything look approvingly on you with approbation.

64-70May your exceeding wisdom, given by the tablets of Nisaba, never cease on the clay in the tablet house. In this tablet house, like a shrine fashioning everything, may it never come to an end. May Nisaba, the shining ...... lady, give wisdom to the junior scribe who puts his hand to the clay and writes this on it. May she show generosity. In the place of writing may she come forth like the sun for him.

71-79Iddin-Dagan, your father Cu-ilicu, the king of the Land, made the foundation of Sumer and Akkad firm for you. By the commands of An and Enlil you excel and overwhelm the enemy territories. Iddin-Dagan, mighty king, king of Isin, king of Sumer and Akkad, everything to the end of wisdom has come forward for you. You are the mighty heir, you have authority, Iddin-Dagan, you have raised the neck to heaven in princeship.

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