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A namerima (?) for Iddin-Dagan (Iddin-Dagan D): translation

1-2Great lady, majestic physician to the black-headed, holy Nininsina, daughter of An, may you be praised!

3-9Lady whose tempest, like a raging storm, ...... the interior of heaven and the trembling earth, whose upraised fierce face, like a fire, rips the bodies of the enemy; who, like a dragon, does not bring up venom in her place where ......, paws of a lion, sharpened knives, claws constantly dripping blood, ...... which prick the body with fear! When you draw through the flesh the scalpel and the lancet, knives like lion's claws -- the bodies of the black-headed people tremble because of you!

10-15Great storm that approaches the earth and has no rival, howling storm, roaring lion that cuts off the neck of the enemy, overpowering storm, ...... spittle and gnashing its teeth in its ......! Storm that howls loudly, whose mouth drips blood, storm from whose mouth spittle spews constantly, pouring venom on the enemy,
1 line fragmentary

16-25Great terror of the desert that ......! A lion, a leopard rising from its lair and terrifying people, that like a great snare lies in wait for the evil-doer! Lady whose radiance is awesome, born of An, who cares for the righteous of the Land, who watches over the assembly, lady of the living and of the dead, who holds the life of the Land in her hand! Mistress whom no one can withstand, who sounds a triumphal cry! Holy Nininsina, who wears the ornaments of cuba stone in Nijin-jar, the holy place! Lady who is supreme over the mountains, whose divine powers are awesome divine powers, instilled ...... in the great shrine, the everlasting house of the Land!

26-33Lady, life-creator of the Land, your name is its great standard. Lady of the majestic divine powers who rivals great An, mistress of all the great gods, lady, you have instilled fear of you in heaven and on earth. Your face is awesome, your cry is majestic, your forehead ......, your mouth ......; your arm, ...... the evil-doer like a net, has cut off .......

34-39Holy Nininsina, ......, whose raging heart, made like the heart of dusk (?), none can cool; whose angry heart no god can confront, which like the sea, bringing a flood-wave, drowns (?) the foe. Like the high tide, she pours spewed-out bile upon the enemy. She has made ...... known in its midst.

40-43Holy Nininsina, the city that fears (?) you is not restored. The ...... you address (?) is turned into ruins for you. No one moves about in the rebellious land that you curse. The ...... that fears (?) you does not cross the river.

44-56My lady, your supreme magnitude and eminence being outstanding, the ...... of your established assembly being ......, holy Nininsina, lady ......, mistress whose majesty ......, holy Nininsina, lady ......, lion, foremost viper ......, who ......, ...... the place of oaths where the just hand is raised, the deceiver ...... your name ......, ...... on the enemies! May those who plan evil against Iddin-Dagan ......! Nininsina, let not the enemy carry away your name, O your name, Nininsina, O your name!

57-64Sublime An, father of the gods, ......, patient-hearted, who ...... the princely divine powers ...... greatly! The voice of a flood that covers the disobedient, that knows ......, the north wind ......,
1 line fragmentary
May the deceivers of Iddin-Dagan who ...... be overwhelmed as by a battle-net! Majestic god An, let not the enemy carry away your name, O your name, great An, O your name!

65-72Enlil whose great divine powers cannot be overturned, viper of the gods, Nunamnir, your ...... lets loose fear and terror! The Anuna of all the lands strike ...... with their hands. Your decision ...... a tempest that ...... furiously. In the land where no enemies exist, prayers ...... to the city. May those who do not clasp the feet of Iddin-Dagan be drowned as by water! Great Mountain Enlil, let not the enemy carry away your name, O your name, Enlil, O your name!

73-80Ninlil, garbed in white, foremost and watchful lady who brings forth ......, lady who consummately perfects all radiance, who dwells with Enlil! The king who dares to utter your name falsely, who does not fear the slaughterhouse where blood flows at the place of transgression, the Land's river of ordeal -- make him bear the heavy guilt that ......! Great mother Ninlil, let not the enemy carry away your name, O your name, Ninlil, O your name!

81-85Aruru, whose divine powers cannot be overturned, ...... an awesome tempest. Enlil who purifies all ......,
1 line fragmentary
...... hostility and violence, ...... Iddin-Dagan,
unknown no. of lines missing

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