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Letter from Puzur-Shulgi to Shulgi about the advance of the enemy: translation

1-3Say to my lord: this is what Puzur-Culgi (1 ms. has instead: Puzur-Marduk) (1 other ms. has instead: Puzur-Numucda) , the commander of the fortress Igi-hursaja, your servant, says:

4-8All the gold and silver (1 ms. has instead: gold and lapis lazuli) (1 other ms. has instead: silver and gold) that my lord has been fashioning for the (1 ms. adds: great) gods -- is it not for his own life? For the life (1 ms. has instead: the well-being) of the troops and his land, my king has built the great fortress Igi-hursaja for the people of his land, because of the wicked enemy.

9-11And now the enemy troops have risen up. One (1 ms. has instead: ...... ) man who had fled from me has been brought back. Having been caught, he has given me evidence of this, and went ahead (1 ms. has instead: "...... go!", and I (?) went).

12-14I am also well-informed about the oracular signs concerning the enemy: the enemy has replenished his strength for battle. However, my strength is limited. I cannot strengthen the fortress further or guard it (1 ms. has instead: guard the cities (?)) against him.

15-22As for the sector (?) of Cu-Numucda (1 ms. has instead: Cu-Marduk) (1 other ms. has instead: Puzur-Numucda), the ruler of Jirilumtura: 5 nindan lengths of it are cut off. As for the sector (?) of Lugal-melem, the manager of the Sigsig watercourse (1 ms. has instead: city of ...... ) (the correct form of this name is not known) : 40 (1 ms. has instead: 25) (1 other ms. has instead: 30) (1 further ms. has instead: 45 (?)) nindan lengths of ...... on top of it are no longer fixed. As for the sector (?) of Ka-kugani, the ruler of the territory of Murub: 45 nindan lengths were destroyed when the opposite side was captured. As for the sector (?) of Takil-ilicu, the canal inspector (1 ms. has instead: ruler) of the Ab-gal and Me-Enlila watercourses: 50 nindan lengths of the edge have been removed, and in the middle of it they collapsed.

23-25Moreover it is not established (1 ms. has instead: stated) (1 other ms. has instead: known) when the enemy will pitch camp. Once the enemy is camped I will replenish my powers (1 ms. has instead: The enemy will replenish his strength for battle). (1 ms. adds: I will fortify ...... and ....... ) His troops are camped among the hills.

26-29If my lord agrees, may he send to me speedily (1 ms. has instead: ......, let there be available) 7,200 soldiers as workmen who will carry baskets for me. May he send to me speedily (1 ms. has instead May there come, at my disposal, ) 70 Cimackian attendants ...... (1 ms. has instead: ......) (1 other ms. has instead: ...... ).

30-31The enemy has devised their plans concerning this: "I will resettle them" (1 ms. has instead: The enemy has devised his plans and has resettled the people) (1 other ms. has instead: Plans concerning me have been devised: "I will resettle them" ). May it be known that, by night or by day the enemy's sins are forever grave.

32-34I am the loyal servant of my lord Culgi. (1 ms. adds: ...... which is not negligent. ) Let this not be the death of me! May my lord know! (1 ms. adds: It is urgent! )

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