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Letter from Ibbi-Suen to Ishbi-Erra about his bad conduct: translation

1-2Say to Icbi-Erra: this is what your lord (?), Ibbi-Suen, says:

3-10As long as Enlil was my lord (?), what course were you following? And is this how you alter your word? Today Enlil detests me, he detests his son Suen (the principal deity of Urim) , and is handing Urim over to the enemy. Its central part (?) is gone, the enemy has risen up, and all the lands are thrown into disarray. But on the day when Enlil turns again towards his son Suen, you and your word will be marked out!

11-13You have received 20 talents of silver to purchase grain. You purchase it at the price of one shekel of silver per 2 gur of grain, but in dealing with me, you fix the price at one shekel of silver per 1 gur of grain!

14-18How could you allow Puzur-Numucda, the commander of the fortress Igi-hursaja, to let the hostile Martu penetrate into my Land? Until now (?) he has not (?) sent to you word (?) about engaging in battle. There are puny men in the Land! Why has he not (?) faced the Martu?

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