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A balbale to Nanna (Nanna B): composite text

1 [me-a-am-ra me-e mu-un-...]
(The restoration is based on a catch line which concludes one ms. of another Nanna hymn (AO 5386 (TCL 15 21), Nanna A); on the fragmentary compendium tablet inscribed with Nanna B, the two hymns occur in sequence, as do the two incipits in a catalogue (0.2.06, ll. 2-3)
approx. 19 lines missing
21ur2 mu-/ud\-[na-ju10] [...]
22cul X [...]
23ab2-a-na [...]
24ki-ga-aj2-ju10 /lu2\ mu-lu [...]
25me-e da-DU lu-ul-lik [...]
26u3-mu-un-da it-ti ki-/bi\-[X] a-ca-/ri?\-[ic] [...]
27nitalam-ju10 [...]
28dnin-gal lu2 X [...]
29i3 ab2 kug-/ga?\ [...]
30cu sikil jiri3 X [...]
31[...] /sag9?-ga?-ju10\ X [...]
32[X X jic]-gi ki-e-/ne\-[di ...]
33[X X] /gi gag\-e jiri2 sag11 ga-[...]
34gien3-bar dug3-ga-ce3 X ga-[...] lu-ri-[id]
35in-nin u5-bi2mucen-ra nij2-u2-[rum-bi] ma-/kur?-ru?\ [...]
36nunuz-bi /mu\-ra-ab-ri gud3 ga-X-[...]
37EN.NU.NUNUZ.ZI dNANNA dnin-gal u5-/bi2mucen\ [...]
38/i3\ cikin2-a [i]-na ci-ki-in-nim /nir?\ [(...)] /u3-mu-e-ci\-[X]
39/ud?\ X X-ba gug2-ce3 u3-mu-e-ni-[...] u2-ur?-ra-am a-na ku-uk-ki /cu?\-[...]
40ambar mah-a suhurku6-ra CEN um-ma-ni-X-[...] ba-/ra?\-[...]
41lu2-/ki\-sikil kud-da tur-re cu um-/mi?\-[...]
42ama ugu-zu dnin-gi-/kug\-[ga] [...]
43dnin-gal e2-zu-ce3 je26-e ga-mu-ra-/da\-[jen]
44ab2 tur3-ra um-mi-/jen?-na\ [X X]-/ba?\ ic-tu UC? [(X)] UL ZA [(X X)]
45dugcakir3 /kug?-ga?\ ga? kug? u3-mu-/ra\-[X]
46dcu-ni-du7 kij2!-ja2 u3-mu-/e-ni-dun5?\-a /a?\-na ma-a-$i-im
47/lu2\-ki-sikil amar X tur-ra-ju10-ce3 ga ci-iz-ba-am u3-mu-/un?\-[X] X nam-ma-X
48/i3 hi\-a ga luh-ha mu-/ra?\-[X X] ba-X-[(X)]
49/d\nin-gal e2-zu-ce3 je26-e ga-mu-ra-da-/jen\ lu-ul-li-ka-ak-ki
50me-a-[am] /e?\-me-da nu-me-a
51ki-/ga\-[aj2]-/ju10\ X [X]-ba nu-uc-mu-e-ci-di-di-in
52d/nin?\-[gi]-/kug?\-ga-da nu-me-a
53[...] X di nu-uc-/mu\-[e-ci-di-di-in]
approx. 1 line missing
55u3-mu-un d/nanna?\ /tum3-ma\-[ab (...)] ia-ci-/im?\ [...]
56dag su8-ba e2? ce rig5-[rig5-ga] i-na si3-/ri?\-im bi-it ip2-[ri-im]
57u3-mu-un-ju10 /e2-ja2\-nun-na me-e du5-mu-/ra\-[di-di-in]
58me-a-am u6-/di kalam?\-ma du5-mu-ra-da-[di-di-in]
59dnanna-/ju10?\ [i]-/lu?\-zu ze2-ba-am3 i-lu ca3-ab-[ja2-kam]
60bal-bal-e dnanna-kam

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