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A balbale to Nanshe (Nanshe B): composite text


1[...] X cu du7-a
2[...] X [(X)]
unknown no. of lines missing


1ku6 jidru cu-na na (ms: KI) -mu-un-jal2 me <...>
2ku6 kuce-sir2 jiri3-na na-mu-un-sig9 me <...>
3ku6 izi ab-cag4-ga na-mu-un-zalag-ge me <...>
4ku6 sur9-re mu-na-an-du12-am3
5ku6 gud-de3 gu3 nun mu-na-ab-be2
6ku6 tug2-ma6 cag4-ge4 nam-mi-in-la2
7kac4-kac4ku6-e kac4 mu-na-ab-kar-re
8gur4-gur4ku6-e ab mu-na-ab-gur4-gur4
9jiri2ku6-e ab mu-na-ab-jir2-re
10agargaraku6 zar!-re-ec mu-un-du8-du8
11ku6 NE ab-ba mu-na-ab-mu2-mu2
12ku6 simmucen mu-na-ab-dal-dal-le-ne
13ga-ca-an-jen jicma2-gur8-ce3 da-an-u5 me-e e2-ce3 da-an-u5
14jicma2 si-bi da-an-u5 me-e e2-ce3 da-an-u5
15a2-sumur3-bi kug-sig17 cim jicerin-da
16ab-ba ca-mu-na-ab-jir2-jir2-re-dam?
17jichum-bi iti6 giri17-zal-am3
18ab-ba ca-mu-na-ab-dadag-ge
19mu-ud-na-ju10 mu-un-kud ab-ba-ka
20u3-mu-un-dar-a mu-un-kud ab-ba-ka
21e2 ud-bi
23bal-bal-e dnance-kam

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