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A balbale to Nanshe (Nanshe B): translation


1-22 lines fragmentary
unknown no. of lines missing


1-12A fish is held in her hand as a staff ....... Fishes are put on her feet as sandals ....... Fishes light up the interior of the sea like fires ....... Fishes play on instruments for her like (?) sur priests. Fishes call out loudly for her like (?) oxen. She has fishes wrapped around her body as a regal garment. The runner-fish (kackac) hastens (kac) to her. The gurgur fish makes the sea surge up (gurgur) for her. The flash-fish (jiri) makes the sea sparkle (jir) for her. She heaps up fish spawn so that ...... fishes will grow for her in the sea. Fishes fly around for her like swallows.

13-22 "I, the lady, will ride on my boat, I will ride home. I will ride on the prow of the boat, I will ride home." Its canopy of gold and fragrant cedarwood sparkles for her on the sea. Its cabin shines for her like rejoicing moonlight on the sea. "My husband is the tax collector of the sea, Nindara is the tax collector of the sea."
2 lines unclear

23A balbale of Nance.

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