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A hymn to Utu (Utu B): translation

1-6Emerging ...... below and gazing upwards, Utu, great physician, father of the black-headed, wearing a lapis-lazuli beard in the E-babbar! Utu, great hero, focus of the assembly, king, bison running over the mountains! Utu, bison running over the mountains!

7-12A young wild cow ......, a young gazelle (?) caught in a trap, Utu, the son born with the city to Ningal in the E-nun-ana, a bull, a cedar fed with water thriving among cypresses, holy (?), patient-hearted, playful, radiating light, he is iridescent radiance!

13-21Then, as my king comes forth, the heavens tremble before him and the earth shakes before him. After he has left the palace he ....... The heavens ....... May the bolt of heaven ....... The stars ...... are awe-struck. His mother ...... in the streets. She spreads her protection towards Utu. He has raised his head over the mountains; he is indeed their king!

22-26Utu who decrees judgments for all countries, the lord, the son of Ningal, who renders decisions for all countries, the lord who is highly skilled at verdicts, the son of Enlil, highly knowledgeable and majestic Utu, the son of ...... -- Utu has placed the ...... on his head.

27-32The lord, the son of Ningal, holds the 50 ...... in his hand and thunders over the mountains like a storm. He has lifted his head over the Land. My king Utu, you cross all the shining mountains like an eagle! He has lifted his gaze over the mountains.

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