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The message of Lu-dingira to his mother: bibliography

Print sources used

Çig, M, and Kramer, S.N., "The Ideal Mother: A Sumerian Portrait", Belleten 40 (1976), 413-421: score transliteration, handcopy, commentary, translation

Civil, Miguel, "The 'Message of Lú-dingir-ra to His Mother' and a Group of Akkado-Hittite 'Proverbs'", Journal of Near Eastern Studies 23 (1964), 1-11: composite text, translation, commentary, handcopy

Cooper, Jerrold S., "New Cuneiform Parallels to the Song of Songs", Journal of Biblical Literature 90 (1971), 157-162: composite text, commentary, translation (ll. 21--39)

Nougayrol, Jean, "Textes Suméro-Accadiens des archives et bibliothéques privées d'Ugarit", Ugaritica 5 (1968), 1-446: commentary, score transliteration, translation, handcopy (310-319, 443-44, a late trilingual version)

Electronic sources used

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Cuneiform sources

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