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Nintinuga's dog: composite text

1mlugal-murub4-e dumu zu-zu um-mi-a nibruki-ke4
2tu6-ni-lu2-sag9 ur kij2-gi4-a-ka-ni dnin-tin-ug5-ga-ra mu-na-an-dim2
3nam-bi-ce3 ur-e nin-a-ni-ir kun mu-na-ab-gun3-gun3 zu2 mu-na-ab-/ra?-ah?\
4nin an ki-bi kurum6 cum2-ma agrig den-lil2-la2
5akana-ka-an dug3 kur-kur cag4 si-si nam-he2-a DU.DU
6a2-sag3 simx(GIG)-ma cag4-bi bar ak jiri3-pa9-ra2 igi bar-re
7sa nam-til3-la sa nam-uc2-a-ka igi saj5-saj5 nij2-KEC2-bi sag9-ge
8nij2-ra-ah-a dug4-ga zi-ir-ra ki gig-bi zu-zu
9a-zu sag9-ge cim-mu2 tur5-ra-ta cag4 lu2-ulu3 igi du8
10nin-ju10 mu-un-dim2-en-na
11tu6-ni-lu2-sag9 mu-ce3 mu-un-sa4
12X X-an-sag9-ga mu-ce3 mu-sa4
13[X]-ga-DI zi-pa-aj2 u3-mu-ni-[X X] a2-/sag3\ zi ba-an-/da\-[X]
14[X]-ju10 mu-zu-ta im-da-an-/pad3?\
15nam-gur4-ra-zu ki-zu i3-kij2-je26
16tu6-ni-lu2-sag9 mu-ce3 mu-un-sa4
17ud til3-la-ja2 igi hu-mu-un-du8
18ud ba-ug7-en kur-ra a sig9-ga hu-mu-un-na8-[na8]

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