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Nintinuga's dog: translation

1-9Lugal-murub the son of Zuzu, the master-scribe of Nibru, has fashioned for Nintinuga his messenger (?) dog Tuni-lu-sag. That is why the dog will wag his tail or bare (?) his teeth for his mistress the queen of heaven and earth, the provider of food, the stewardess of Enlil, the sweet breast satisfying all lands, the bringer of abundance, who can diagnose the intentions of the virulent asag demon and who checks people's bones; who examines the sinews of life and the sinews of death, comforting those joints; who knows every sick spot where there is affliction, torment or distress -- the kindly physician, the exorcist to the sick, who looks after the hearts of humans.

10-18My lady, what I have fashioned I have named with the name Tuni-lu-sag, I call by the name ....... He will ...... the throat, and the asag demon will be pacified (?). My ...... will be uttered alongside your name. Your importance ....... I have named him with the name Tuni-lu-sag. May Nintinuga look after me during my life, and when I die may she provide me with clear water in the nether world.

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