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Lullaby for a son of Shulgi (Shulgi N): bibliography

Print sources used

Kramer, Samuel Noah, "u5-a a-u5-a: A Sumerian Lullaby (with Appendix by Thorkild Jacobsen)", in Studi in onore di Edoardo Volterra, Università di Roma: Milano 1971, 191-205: score transliteration, translation, photograph, commentary (UM 29-16-15)

Alster, Bendt, "On the Sumerian Lullaby", Revue d'Assyriologie 65 (1971), 170-171: composite text, translation, handcopy, commentary (ll. 46-58 (CBS 11353))

Kramer, Samuel Noah, "Sumerian Miscellaneous Texts", in Pritchard, James B. (ed.), Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament (Third ed.), Princeton University Press: Princeton, 1969, 646-652. Pp. 651-652: translation

Civil, Miguel, "Supplement to the Introduction to ISET I", Orientalia 41 (1972), 83-90. P. 84: commentary (Ni 4322, N 3499)

Cavigneaux, Antoine, and Al-Rawi, Farouk N.H., Gilgamesh et la Mort. Texts de Tell Haddad VI, avec un appendice sur les textes funéraires sumériens. (Cuneiform Monographs, 19), Styx Publications: Groningen 2000, 76: commentary (collated reading for line 45)

Cuneiform sources

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